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Helping young-adults take next steps towards independence

Helping young-adults take next steps towards independence

Does your Young-Adult Child have the life-skills they need to succeed in the world?

Why Choose Mentoring?

The Virtual World

Immersion in technology (and social media) is re-wiring the brains of this current generation of young-adult's, making it challenging for them to set aside a desire for instant gratification.

Social Media "Addiction"

The task of completing an education, and the advanced training necessary to hone their craft, often pale in comparison to the dopamine hits a young-adult receives by from checking their texts, Snapchat, and Instagram feeds.

Ending Up Alone ... Together

In settling for hook-ups and "friends with benefits," young-adults may forgo investments in healthy, committed relationships, leading to an increase in loneliness, isolation, depression, and substance-abuse. 

A Note From Sandra:

For young-adults seeking to increase their earning power and opportunities, they must learn to embrace the experience of tolerating uncomfortable feelings and collaborating with folks with differing life-experiences and values.
Emotional intelligence is about knowing what you are feeling, and using that information to guide your interactions. Social intelligence is about understanding what the other person may be feeling, wanting, or needing and being able to communicate with them in a way that you both feel heard and understood.

 A trusted Confidant and Mentor--who can authentically engage and guide them in developing the Social and Emotional Intelligence Skills they need to thrive in the world--can be one of the greatest investments a parent can make to help launch their child towards designing a life that fits their temperament, values and personal goals. 

I help young-adults strengthen their flexibility, adaptability & frustration tolerance, that they might thrive in all aspects of their lives.

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I offer a FREE Initial Parent Consultation to confirm that I am a good match for your family. During this time, I do a thorough assessment of the situation to give you my most helpful recommendations. You will get an immediate and direct experience of the value I provide.

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